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My Story

My name is Ruby and I am a 9 year old aspiring entrepreneur. I love doing arts and crafts with my mom! She has taught me how to sew, paint, weave bracelets, we are still working on the knitting and crocheting though. I'm constantly designing and crafting things! My mom has a jam making business and I started selling my paintings and bracelets at the festivals she goes to a couple of years ago but I decided I wanted a "real business" of my own. I love earrings and thought it would be fun to make them and sell them! My mom and dad are teaching me how hard work pays off and to be responsible for my money. They say it's never too early to start learning these life skills. Some of the money I make goes toward buying more supplies but most of it goes into a savings account to use for something really special. I really want a horse someday when we have land so I'm saving up for that right now. I hope you love all of my creations as much as I do! I have too many favorites to pick just one! My mom helps me with some of complicated macrame earrings and cutting the faux leather but I do everything myself, by hand.

(Spelling and sentence structure edited by mom. We are still working on creative writing, punctuation, and spelling.)


The girls and I had a lot of fun naming all of the different earring styles! Most of them were named after our friends and family.

Watercolor Butterfly 19
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